Pakistan Visa Status Inquiry

Checking the status of Pakistan eVisa is easy using the portal. The applicants need to log in using their ID and passport number. Those applicants who have applied either online for their Pakistan eVisa will have access to check the status online.


Information Note

The application ID (Ex - PV2230000VBZ) is unique for all applicants and is sent to the applicants officially through an email. The ID is written and should not be shared with anyone else. Applicants can check using those details and everything will be available for the applicants to see.

Applicants facing difficulties and issues when using the portal can reach out for support, which is available 24x7. This service makes it easy for applicants to get over any issues easily. Although, getting an eVisa for Pakistan is quite difficult but not impossible.

Applicants require a lot of paperwork to secure a Pakistani visa, including bank statements, invitation letter, identification documents, work history and travel insurance to name a few. Using this online portal only shows the status of the visa and cannot be used for the application.

The portal is secure and ensures that no applicant’s details are misused or stolen. Using encryption allows all sensitive details to stay safe. After the applicant types the unique ID and passport number, the next tab will ask the applicant to type a unique code. This code ensures that no hackers will try to get into the system. After the applicant types in the unique text code, the system opens and shows the status of the visa application.