Photo specifications and standards set by the Pakistani officials:

  • The correct size of the picture: Your passport/visa photo should measure 45mm X 35 mm.
  • Color: Please submit a colored photograph.
  • Position of your head: Straight and perpendicular to the camera.
  • Recentness: Photos that are 6 months old or lesser are allowed.
  • Backdrop and settings:The background should be white in color.
  • Facial expressions: Your facial expressions should be neutral. Pose your natural face.
  • Eyes: Keep your eyes open. Your eyes should be clearly visible while being snapped.
  • Spectacles: Wearing reading glasses are permitted. However, sunglasses or glasses with dark shades are not acceptable.
  • Headdresses: As a general rule, headgears are not acknowledged. Nevertheless, you can wear headgears in certain circumstances.
  • Quality of the picture: A print resolution of atleast 600 dpi is required.
  1. Quality of the Photograph

    For your photograph to be accepted, the following must be fulfilled.

    • Taken on a plain background
    • Professionally printed photograph with dimensions of 35 mm wide and 45 mm high
    • A recent photo of Applicant – not more than 6 months old.
    • Good clarity and sharp focus
    • Photo focused on the head and the top of your shoulders such that the face is about 70 to 80% of the image
    • A photo without creases or ink.
  2. The Image must:
    • Be taken by a high quality digital camera with quality color and resolution
    • Show you are looking directly on the camera
    • Have appropriate brightness and contrast
    • Show your skin tone and complexion naturally
  3. Lighting and Style:
    • Your eyes should be open and clearly visible
    • Wear clothes with neutral colors
    • There should be no hair across your face
    • Both edges of your face should be clearly visible
    • Again, the background should be plain and light colored – preferably white
    • Ensure the lighting is uniform, no flash, or reflections or shadows or red eyes.
  4. Headcovers and Glasses
    • If you wear glasses, when capturing this photo, you should remove the glasses so that your eyes can be clearly seen.
    • Head scarves are allowed as long as they allow the photograph to show the face properly from the top to the bottom of the chin.
  5. Expression and Frame
    • The ideal image should show your image alone, no other people or chair backs etc.
    • You should have a neutral and calm look on your face as you look at the camera. Your mouth should also be closed

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Some Example for Pakistan Passport / Visa Photo Requirements

Applicant Photograph for Pakistan Visa

Applicant Photograph for Pakistan Visa

Applicant Photograph for Pakistan Visa

Applicant Photograph for Pakistan Visa

Guidelines, rules, and conditions that must be kept in mind as you plan to get yourself clicked for a Pakistan passport/visa photo:

Did you know that you can even click yourself at your home? However, there are certain things that you must consider so that you get your picture right and further your application approved. Go through the following points to know what exactly is to be done.

  1. Please adhere to the specified size. There is no exception to the size of the photograph. Pictures that measure exactly 45 x 35 are permitted.
  2. Keep your head absolutely straight. To get that right, ensure that you place the camera exactly to your eye level. Pictures clicked in portrait manner or from a different angle other than 90 degrees are straight away rejected.
  3. Your passport/ visa photo should not be older than 6 months. Your passport photo should resemble your current appearance. The two cannot differ in any way otherwise there might be a chance that your application is not acknowledged.
  4. To get a white background, stand a white wall. Alternatively, you can also use a white sheet as your backdrop. Make sure that the white sheet is not see-through and does not have any design or pattern on it. Further, the background should be free of shadows.
  5. Maintain a neutral and natural expression while being snapped. No smiling pictures are allowed. You must keep your mouth closed as you get yourself clicked.
  6. Your eyes should be open and visible in the image.Please make sure that your hair or your frames do not obstruct the clear visibility of your eyes.
  7. As far as spectacles are concerned, it is permitted to wear reading glasses. However, it is best advised to remove your spectacles as you get clicked because it increasesthe passing chances of your application. It is also important to note that the frames of your spectacles should be not too big, and the lenses should not reflect glare.
  8. You are not allowed to wear glasses with dark shades or eyepatches in any case.
  9. Headgears are not permitted in general. Nevertheless, you can wear them in certain cases. You are allowed to wear headgear if it is a part of your religious costume and is your everyday likable. But as you wear a headgear, ensure that your face is clearly visible from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin.
  10. You must get clicked in a well-illuminated place. Perfect lighting gets you through the application in one go. No shadows should cast upon your face or in the background. Additionally, avoid pictures with red-eye.
  11. The photo must be clear and should sharply focus on all areas.
  12. Print the photo on a high-quality paper. The print resolution must be atleast 600 Dpi and must reflect your natural skin tone.The photo cannot be digitally enhanced. You should not remove blemishes, mole, or spots.

Requirements, specifications, and other guidelines for passport/ visa photo in case of babies and infants:

Probably you'd be knowing than babies, infants, and newborns require to have their own visa and hence their individual photo that complies with the authority standards and specifications. It gets a little tough to get them clicked. Here’s how you can overcome this challenge and manage to get their picture right.

  • Click your baby when he/she is awake. The baby’s eyes should be open in the picture.
  • You have to ensure that they have a white backdrop in their image. For this, you can make use of blankets, sheets, or even paper. Just make sure that whatever you use should be white in color.
  • There are two options to get their picture right without much effort. Either you can put him/her on a white sheet, a paper, or a blanket and click from an above angle, else you can get the photo session done in a car seat. Remember to cover the backrest and headrest of the car with white clothing.
  • No external thing should come in the view. You can use toys to get their attention while clicking the picture, but they should not be visible in the photo.
  • You cannot hold your baby while he/ she is being clicked. If your hands are visible in the photo, then the image will not be acknowledged by the authorities.
  • You can take multiple pictures so that atleast one of them conforms to all the rules and conditions.

We offer customer friendly services so that you experience a smooth application procedure. If you have any doubts regarding the above-mentioned points, get in touch with us and we will be there to help you out. Happy traveling!


1 What is the approved size of a visa photograph?

The dimensions of your photograph must be 45 mm high by 35 mm wide.

2 Which passport photograph file formats are allowed?

Only JPG, JPEG, PNG, and PDF format are allowed for the files.

3 How many MB files is ideal for a passport photograph?

The file size for the photograph should not exceed 350 KB.

4 What type of visa photo is required?

In addition to the photo-size requirements, you must make sure that your face is actually covering 70 to 80% of the photo, clearly showing your features.

5 Can I smile in the picture?

Your photograph must have a natural pose with your mouth closed. Smiling is not allowed.

6 Can I use my smartphone to take a photograph?

For supporting travel documents, photographs from a digital camera or mobile phone are allowed.

7 Can I use an old photo for my passport?

For the safer side, you must upload the recent pictures. The portals have AI systems installed to analyze your photo. Moreover, the airport staff members will match you with your photograph of the travel document. Therefore, avoiding any unforeseen problem, upload a recent photo of yourself, no more than six months old.

8What should be the background of my photograph?

The background must be white, with no extra thing like a chair or a pet in it.

9 How may I measure that my digital photo is of the size 45 by 35 mm?

You may check the properties or details for the dimensions of your photo. If it is in pixels, convert it into mm.

10 Can I wear a headscarf, headwear, hat for my visa photo?

Wearing head coverings are allowed if the clicked picture shows your full front face.

Your photograph must show your facial features from the top of the forehead to the bottom of your chin. Both edges of your face must also be visible.

11 Can I wear makeup in my visa photo?

Your photo must show your continuous natural skin tone. Wearing loud makeups or jewellery is not recommended.

12 Can I use software to enhance my photo?

Using photo editing software or applying filters on your photograph is not allowed.

13 Can I wear glasses in my visa photo?

Wearing spectacles is not allowed. Your eyes must be opened and visible in your photo.

14 Can I upload a selfie of myself as a passport picture?

Taking a selfie is the easy way to get your photograph rejected.

15 How can I take a visa photo of my own?

You may set a timer in your phone if you are all alone responsible for capturing your photo.