What is an eVisa?

The Interior Ministry of Pakistan recently introduced Pakistan electronic visa system to facilitate foreign travelers and traders. To obtain an eVisa, travelers need to fill out an application form, pay the visa fees, and submit required documents.

The application process is entirely online. There is no need to visit a Pakistani embassy or consulate to obtain a visa. The visa arrives in PDF file in your inbox, and you can take out a printed copy to take along when traveling to Pakistan.

It is important to note that only those travelers who meet the eligibility criteria can apply for a visa online. An eVisa is issued only if the purpose of travel is tourism or business.

Tourists can apply for a visa if they want to spend holidays, visit their friends/relatives, or check out touristic sites in the country.

Alternatively, traders, investors, or business people aiming to visit Pakistan to enter trade deals, short-term work assignments, attend business meetings, or participate in seminars/conferences/trade exhibitions can also apply for Pakistan visa online.

Types of Pakistani Online Visas:

Travelers from the US can apply for tourist or business visas. However, there are different types of tourist and business eVisas available for US citizens, including the following:

Tourist Visa:

  • Single-entry Short-Term Tourist visa (valid for 90 days)
  • Double-entry Tourist Visa (valid for up to one year)

Business Visa:

  • Single-Entry Short-Term Business Visa (valid for 90 days)
  • Double-Entry Business Visa (valid for up to 1 year)
  • Multiple-entry Business Visa (valid for up to 5 years)

Pakistan eVisa for US Citizens Validity:

  • With an Pakistan eVisa, tourists or business people can stay in Pakistan for 30 days on a single visit.
  • Double-entry tourist/business eVisa is valid for 1 year.
  • Multiple-entry business visa is valid for up to 5 years.
  • The tourist or business visa extension can be granted for 6 six months or more depending on the circumstances.
  • Visa extension will be subject to the governments' approval.
  • Visa extension of up to six months processing may take 7-10 days. whereas, for over 6 months' extension, the processing time will be up to four weeks.
  • A double-entry tourist visa with up to one-year validity is granted to selected nationalities. Please confirm whether you apply for a multiple-entry tourist visa before applying.
  • Visa extension is possible only if you are residing in Pakistan.

The validity of your eVisa is determined according to the estimated date of travel you mention in your visa application form. It is necessary to provide your expected travel dates. The visa validity will start from that date. For instance, if you have mentioned December 1, 2020, as your estimated date of travel to Pakistan, your visa will expire precisely three months after this date, unless you seek a visa extension.

On the other hand, your stay's validity will start from the date you arrive in Pakistan. For instance, if you enter the country on December 1, 2020, you must leave the country by the end of December.

Documents Required to Apply for a Pakistan eVisa:

The government of Pakistan has set stringent guidelines for travelers, and it is necessary to fulfill them to get a visa on time. If you want to apply for single-entry, short-term eVisa for tourism or business purposes, here is a comprehensive overview of all the documents you need to provide when applying for the eVisa.

Valid Passport:

You must provide a scan of the information page of your passport. Make sure that your passport is valid and doesn't expire for at least six months after the date of your arrival in Pakistan. Confirm your passport's expiration date to avoid unnecessary complications or delays in the visa process.

USA passport for Pakistan e Visa

Digital Copy of Passport Style Photograph:

You need to provide a recently taken passport-style photo of yours. The photo must not be more than three months old, should be clear, and show a full frontal view of your face from forehead to chin. Also, the photo must be taken against a plain, white background. Know more about Pakistan visa photo requirements

Accommodation Proof:

You can provide your hotel booking confirmation receipt as proof of your accommodation if you stay in a hotel after arriving in Pakistan. However, if you stay with your family/friends, your host/sponsor must provide you an invitation letter. Submit this letter with your visa application form.

Travel Itinerary:

You should provide an overview of your travel details, such as the purpose of the visit.

If you are applying from another country instead of your home country, you need to submit proof of legal residence. Otherwise, you don't need to worry about this document.

Valid Payment Card:

You need to pay visa fees online, without which the application processing will not start. You can pay the fees using any debit or credit payment card, such as MasterCard, Visa, or UnionPay. Or else, you can pay through Alipay, PayPal, or WeChat.

Valid Email ID:

Your eVisa will arrive in your email inbox, which is why it is essential to provide a valid email address.

Applying for a 5-Year Multiple-Entry Pakistan Business Visa:

The Pakistani government is keen on promoting investment, trading, and exports in the country. Therefore, the government is granting an exclusive 5-year multiple-entry business visa to business people from countries from the following categories:

Interested candidates can apply for two types of business visas.

  • First Time Visa:Choose this visa category if you do not already possess a valid Pakistani eVisa and need to apply for a new visa.
  • Extension Visa:If you already hold a valid Pakistani visa and it is about to expire, you can apply for an extension online. You can apply for a visa extension only if you are staying in Pakistan.

Who can Apply for a Business Visa?

US citizens can apply for a Pakistani business visa. If you want to apply for the visa, make sure that you possess the following documents:

  • Passport-style Photograph
  • Valid Passport
  • Registration Proof from the company extending business visa invitation, such as Chamber of Commerce Certificate or SECP

You will also need to provide any of the following documents:

  • Recommendation Letter from your CC&I of the US.
  • An Invitation Letter from any business organization duly recommended by the relevant trade organization in Pakistan.
  • A Recommendation Letter issued by the Honorary Investment Counselor of BOI or Commercial Attaché.

In case you aren't physically present in your home country and applying from a third country, you should provide proof of legal residence. Remember that it is a compulsory requirement and must be uploaded with the other support documents when applying for an online business visa.

How to Extend Multiple-Entry Business Visa?

To apply for visa extension, it is compulsory to upload proof of a valid Pakistani visa. It should be the same visa for which you are seeking an extension.

Your passport will be required as a supporting document. It must have an Entry Stamp showing the date you entered the country and your visa expiry date.

Visa Application Processing Time:

Applying for an eVisa is a straightforward and convenient process. It does not take more than ten minutes to apply for Pakistan visa online if you have all the required documents.

The eVisa application is a quick three-step process, which includes:

Step 1- Fill out the online visa application form

In this form (Pakistan visa application form), you will answer some basic personal identification questions and enter passport and travel-related information.

Step 2- Submitting the Support Documents

The list of necessary supporting documents is described above. Make sure that you possess all the Pakistan visa requirements before formally applying for the visa.

Step 3- Paying the visa Fees

The final phase of the visa application process is paying the Pakistan visa fee. You can use a debit/credit card or an online payment gateway for the payment. The visa cost varies according to the processing time required by the applicant.

Pakistani Visa Cost:

There are two payment packages that US travelers can choose from when applying for a Pakistani visa.

  • Standard- The visa costs and will be issued within 10-12 days.
  • Urgent- The visa costs and will be issued within 24 working hours.

Why Visit Pakistan?

Pakistan has become the most sought-after emerging tourist destination in the past few years. Since 2014, the country has reported a 317% rise in tourism. It isn't too surprising considering that Pakistan has everything to offer from cultural diversity to breathtakingly beautiful natural sceneries, hospitable people, and an inviting environment. International tourism is steadily flourishing in the country that extends along both sides of the magnificent Indus River. Moreover, Pakistan's strategic location makes it an ideal destination for traders and investors seeking to expand their stronghold in a profitable market and new business opportunities.


1 How much is the cost of a visa from the USA to Pakistan

The fee for Pakistan visit visa for American citizens is $60 for a single-entry travel authorization. The price for multiple entry visa with up to one-year validity is $90, and for multiple entries with a validity of more than one year is $120. The payment can be made online using credit or debit card and PayPal services.

2 Do you need a visa to visit Pakistan?

Yes, you do require a Pakistan visa to visit the land of remarkable scenic beauty, Pakistan. There is a visa requirement for entering Pakistan. From May 2019, the government of Pakistan initiated an online visa application system through which eligible travelers from 175 countries can apply for pakistan visa online . The Visa on Arrival option is available for a few nationalities only.