Pakistan Visa Rules for Afghan Nationals

Oct 15,2020

Pakistan is announcing relaxation for Afghan nationals regarding their visa policy. The category of Pakistan visa includes Pakistan student visa, Pakistan business visa, Pakistan family visa, Pakistan medical visa and Pakistan official visa. There are certainly some rules and conditions that Afghan nationals need to follow while applying for their particular visa.

Pakistan Visa Rules for Afghan Nationals


Some general conditions for visa to Afghan nationals are stated below:

  • Applicant must have his valid passport that is machine readable
  • Applicant’s presence in person is necessary
  • Afghan nationals won’t be required for Pakistan visa fee unless it’s a business visa
  • Applicant must provide his application form completely filled, passport with two photographs
  • Original Tazkira along with its copy is required while submitting documents
  • Applicants staying in Pakistan on temporary basis must provide a verifiable address along with active landline number and same information is required within Afghanistan
  • Applicants who are applying for medical visa must have their medical transcripts and medical appointment letter from a recognized medical centre of Pakistan
  • An invitation letter from Pakistan and a recommendation letter from Afghanistan are required for those applicants who are applying for training/official visa.
  • Applicants who are going to visit any embassy must have an invitation letter from that embassy and supporting documents, Pakistan visa requirements with them
  • Applicants applying for a student visa must have the original letter from the Higher Education Commission or University of Pakistan.
  • Applicants applying for business visa must have the original letter from Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Afghanistan 
  • Applicants applying for a journalist visa must have the approval from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
  • Applicants applying for a family visa must have their original marriage certificate along with his latest bank statement, reference letter from employer issued from the UK and details of his/her spouse from Pakistan. In case of child visa birth certificate and issuance request from his parents is required.

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  1.   Ahmad Zamir says:
    Hi I am from Afghanistan. We submit our application but its about 45 day that we did not recieve our visa yet. Is there any other easy and fast way to get visa for Afghans we do not care about fee we just want to get visa in 7 or 10 working days. Regards

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