Pakistan Immigration Guidelines

Feb 27,2021

The Pakistan government provides Pakistan e Visas in various categories with different durations of stay. It also facilitates visa extension or renewal but, if you want to stay longer in the country, you can apply for immigration provided you meet a few requirements.

Pakistan is a friendly country but seems to have a narrow perspective on immigrants. According to UNDESA, immigrants make 1.7% of the total population (2017). It became a home for almost 3.4 million immigrants of which most immigrants are Afghans.

If you want to apply for Pakistani immigration you must fulfil any of the following categories. You can become a citizen of Pakistan if you are:

  • A commonwealth national (with an investment of 5 million PKR in Pakistan)
  • Naturalization certificate holder
  • A lady married to a Pakistani national
  • A child of Pakistani citizens

Understanding Immigration Process:

For getting Pakistani immigration, you will be required to fill an application form, get the documents attested, attach photographs and relevant documents, pay the fees, and submit it. At this stage, your application form is evaluated with regards to its completion. You will need to resubmit if there is any discrepancy in the information present in your documents. Authorities will also notify you if any of your documents are missing.

Upon approval of the submitted documents, you will receive a receipt or a certificate as proof. Now, your application will be processed and verified. If the authorities approve your case, then you will be issued the Citizenship Certificate that declares you as a Pakistani national.


  • The time duration for getting Pakistani immigration may vary from case to case. Generally, it takes less than two months.
  • Until you receive your Citizenship Certificate, ensure that you renew your foreign passport and visas or extensions.

Details of the Required Documents:

Pakistan provides immigration to the nationals of different countries with different individual requirements. 

Commonwealth Nationals:

Pakistan grants immigration to the citizens of 54 Commonwealth countries. But they must meet one significant condition that they made a valuable addition of 5 million PKR to the foreign exchange of Pakistan through the State Bank.

If you are a commonwealth national and seeking Pakistan immigration then, apart from personal details, you need to mention your income and its source and state the reason why you want to get Pakistani citizenship. 

The following documents are required to be submitted:

  • Application form attested by the mission in quadruplicate.
  • Photographs (05) in a blue background.
  • Original Bank Proceeds Certificate, as proof of the transfer of PKR 05 Million to Pakistan.
  • Photocopy of present Passport.

Initially, Pakistan provides an immigrant visa, and then Pakistan Citizenship Certificate upon arrival.

Naturalization Certificate Holders:

Those who are not commonwealth nationals can also apply for immigration after acquiring their Naturalization certificate. 

They need to submit:

  • Attested application (in quadruplicate)
  • Photographs (06) in light-blue background
  • Naturalization Certificate under NA 1926
  • Certificate regarding the oath of the applicant in allegiance to the constitution of Pakistan
  • An Affidavit, showcasing the case

Marriage Case:

Any female foreigner married to a Pakistani citizen can apply for immigration if she intends to make an aggregate stay of 5 years

She needs to submit the following documents to start the immigration process:

  • Application form in quadruplicate
  • Marriage certificate or Nikah Nama
  • Photographs (10) in light-blue background
  • Photocopy of CNIC and passport of the husband
  • Photocopy of the foreign passport of the applicant
  • Affidavit (02) from the applicant and her husband stating facts of the case, attested by notary public or magistrate
  • Certificates (02) from class 1 officers confirming the information provided
  • Document showing the evidence of 5 years stay in total.
  • List of close relatives residing in India (in case the applicant is an Indian national)

A foreign male married to a Pakistani woman is not eligible to apply for immigration.

Minor Children of Pakistan Citizen:

The children of Pakistani citizens under 21 years of age can also claim the Citizenship Certificate upon providing evidence of their Parent's Pakistani Citizenship. The parents or guardian should fill the application form for such a child. The form requires to mention the date and place of birth of the child, his parents, and the grandparents.

The following documents need to be submitted:

  • Application form by Pakistan Parents (in quadruplicate)
  • Photographs (04)
  • An affidavit stating the case, drafted by Pakistani Parents.
  • A document, proving the Pakistani Nationality of Parent or Guardian.

Dual Nationality:

Pakistan has dual nationality agreements with 20 countries that means a Pakistani national can legally keep the citizenship of these following countries:

The United Kingdom, Jordan, France, Syria, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherland, Iceland, United States of America, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Bahrain, Finland, Denmark, Egypt, and Germany.

Guidelines for Overseas Pakistanis

  • The Pakistani nationals living abroad must register themselves with the Pakistan Missions Abroad annually in the quarter of every year. 
  • Pakistani parent or guardian must report the birth of the child born outside Pakistan within six months from the birth to claim citizenship.

Renunciation of Pakistan Citizenship

If any Pakistani citizen acquires citizenship of any other country, with whom Pakistan does not hold dual citizenship agreements, should declare his renunciation of citizenship of Pakistan via proper documentation.

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