Pakistan Extends E Visa Facility to 16 More Countries

Jan 09,2021

The government of Pakistan has extended the Pakistan electronic visa facility to the residents of 16 more countries. The country already offered e-visa to travellers of 175 countries. The Federal Cabinet approved the visa extension in November 2020 after which a summary was sent to the Interior Ministry.  

With the approval to extend the Pakistan visa online facility to 16 nations, Pakistan will now offer e visas to residents of 191 countries. Travellers from these nations will be eligible to apply for the visa online for various categories, including tourist, business, and student visa.

Pakistan started offering the online visa or e-visa facility from January 2019 to promote tourism in the country. Initially, the e-visa service was restricted to 175 nations, and the visa on arrival facility could be availed by as many as 50 countries, including US citizens and Britishers of Indian-Origin having valid US or UK passports. Travellers were able to obtain visas on arrival without any delays.

In the year 2020, the government made several revisions to its e-visa policy. The country has observed significant improvement in tourism due to its tourist-friendly policies. Pakistan has also allowed tour operators working internationally to bring in tourist groups to Pakistan. However, this facility is permitted to International Air Transport Association (IATA) approved tour operators only. 

The government has also allowed residents of nearly 96 countries to obtain a work visa for business or investment purposes. The process of getting a work visa was made more convenient, quick, and straightforward by the government to encourage investors.

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