Visa Application Rules:

Foreign tourists and businessmen from 175 countries qualify to apply for an eVisa to enter Pakistan if the purpose of their visit is related to tourism or trade/business. With a business visa, travelers can participate in commercial events, trade shows, exhibitions, attend meetings/conferences/seminars, or enter business partnerships. An online tourist visa will allow travelers to visit tourist sites or meet family or friends.

How to Apply for a Pakistan e Visa?

The Pakistan e visa application process includes the following steps:

Register Yourself

Fill Application

Pay Online

Get Visa

Pakistan e Visa Application Form:

The visa application's fundamental step is the form every traveler must complete to apply for an e visa formally. The visa application form is divided into several sections.

Start filling out the Pakistan visa application form by selecting the correct visa category you want to apply for. There are several visa categories, for instance, new visa or extension, tourist visa or business visa, and single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry visa. Some nationalities can apply for double and multiple entry visas. Before you fill out the application form, you need to enter your nationality. Depending on it, you will be able to view its designated visa categories and duration. Once you have provided all the required visa details, you will proceed to the first section.

In the first section, the applicant must provide personal details. You will have to answer basic questions such as full name, gender, date of birth, residential address, occupation, citizenship status, email address, and contact number.

The next section is related to your passport, the most critical travel document every traveler must possess. You will need to enter your passport number, its issue date, and expiration date. Make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months after you arrive in Pakistan. If it is not valid for six months, renew the passport and then apply for the e visa.

In the third section, you will enter details of your trip to Pakistan. This will involve questions like the purpose of your visit, travel itinerary, desired port of entry, estimated date of arrival, and date of departure. You will also have to provide details of your stay in Pakistan. For instance, if you have booked hotel accommodation, enter the hotel's name, contact number, and the province/city it is located. In case you intend to stay with your sponsor/relative, enter details of the host, including their full name, home address, email ID, and contact number.

Uploading Documents:

Every traveler must submit specific supporting documents with the Pakistan visa application form. The type of documents required varies as per the traveler's nationality status, such as one nationality or dual nationality and whether the traveler lives in their home country or elsewhere, etc. However, there are some documents that every traveler will necessarily provide, including scans of a passport-size photograph, passport's information page, hotel booking confirmation/letter or invitation, and bank statement as proof of financial means.

After you have completed the application form, you will be prompted to upload the supporting documents as Pakistan visa requirements . Remember that you can only upload files in JPEG, JPG, PDF and PNG format, and the file size must not exceed 500kb.

Payment of Visa Fees:

After completing the visa application form, you will pay the Pakistan visa fees . You have the option of making a single application on your passport or submit multiple applications on behalf of different individuals. However, remember that every applicant must pay the visa fees. If you are applying for various travelers, all the applicants' visa fees will be integrated with the application.

The visa fees will be calculated according to the visa type, nationality, and processing time involved. Generally, it takes up to a week to 10 days to process the visa. If you select the standard processing time, you will pay the regular visa fees. However, if you want the visa urgently, you can choose the Urgent processing option, in which case the visa fee will be slightly higher, but you will receive the visa within five days.

You must possess an online payment card, debit or credit, to process the visa fees. You can pay through MasterCard, Visa, and UnionPay, or use your WeChat, PayPal, and Alipay account to pay the fees. The visa processing will not start until you pay the fees.

Duration and Extension of Pakistan Visas:

Pakistan electronic visa or eVisa system grants eligible foreign travelers and overseas Pakistanis authorization to enter the country for tourism or business purposes. It is a straightforward and efficient method of obtaining a travel permit for Pakistan. The traveler only needs to complete an Pakistan visa application online instead of going to a Pakistan consulate or embassy to apply for the visa. However, the validity period of Pakistan online visas will be different depending upon the nature of the visit and the visa type (i-e single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry). Furthermore, if a traveler needs to extend the visa duration, the government of Pakistan offers a visa extension facility. Here's a detailed overview of the duration and extension of different categories of Pakistan visas.

Online Pakistan Tourist Visa

Pakistan tourist visa lets citizens of over 175 countries obtain travel authorization to visit the country for tourism purposes. There are two categories of tourist visas for which travelers can apply online, including.

New or First Time Visa: If a traveler doesn't possess a valid Pakistan tourist visa , they will apply for a new visa.

Visa Extension: If a traveler already possesses a valid tourist visa and needs to extend its validity, they will apply for an extension.

Duration and Validity of Pakistan Tourist Visa:

  • Visa will be a single-entry visa with less than 3 months' validity.
  • A tourist visa can be extended for up to 6 months or more, depending on the government's approval.
  • The traveler can only apply for a tourist visa extension while staying in Pakistan.
  • Travelers with a single-entry tourist visa can stay in Pakistan for up to 30 days.
  • Citizens of specific countries can apply for a Double-Entry Tourist Visa.
  • US nationals can apply for a multiple entry visa with 5-years validity. They can stay in Pakistan for a maximum duration of three months on a single trip.

Online Pakistan Business Visa

The government of Pakistan offers grants single to double and multiple-entry business visas to promote foreign investment in the country. Interested individuals can obtain a business visa with up to 5 years validity period. However, there are two categories of countries for a business visa.

  • Business Visa Countries
  • Non-Business Visa Countries

Travelers can apply online for two types of business visas.

First Time or New Visa: Business visa who do not already possess a valid Pakistan business visa should apply for a new visa.

Extension Visa: Business visa holding a valid business visa and want to extend its validity should apply for a visa extension.

Duration and Validity:

  • A business visa is offered for a maximum period of 5 years.
  • Travelers are eligible to apply for a multiple-entry business visa.
  • Visa extension is available for up to or more than six months.
  • An extension in the visa is only possible if the traveler is residing in Pakistan.
  • The business visa extension duration is subject to government approval.

Online Family Visit Visa:

Overseas Pakistanis (foreign citizens of Pakistani origin) can apply for a family visit visa with their spouses to travel to Pakistan. They can apply online for a family visit visa and stay in the country with their family members or friends. There are two types of family visit visas online:

First Time or New Visa: Overseas Pakistanis, who do not already possess a valid Pakistani visit visa, can apply for a new visa, which will be valid for up to 5 years.

Extension Visa: Overseas Pakistanis can apply for an extension in visa if they already possess a valid Pakistani visa and live in Pakistan. Family visit visas are extendable for up to 5 years. one each entry, the visa holder can stay in Pakistan for up to 1 year.

Duration and Validity:

A family visit visa is granted for up to 5 years validity period. It is a multiple-entry visa; however, travelers can stay in Pakistan for up to one year on each visit.


How do I apply for a Pakistan visa online?

The Online Visa System of Pakistan provides you a facility to issue your visa to visit Pakistan within a click without having any appointment to the embassy. Make sure that you do not enter your information to a false website, it needs to be the Online Visa System of Pakistan only. To get your e-visa, you need to tag along the instructions that have been explained in the following steps:

Preliminary Assessment:

In the first step you need to select your desired visa category from the following:


In the second step you must prepare your valid documents according to the visa category you selected. Please keep the following Pakistan visa requirements at hand while filling out the application form:

  • Complete set of supporting documents.
  • Photograph up to 350 KB captured
  • Valid credit/debit card for the online payment

Filling in the Application:

When you have all your required documents with you, start filling out the application by going on the following order:

If you get stuck at any point while submitting the application, just click the “Contact Us” button and we will be provided with the best solution to your problem.

What should I do if I have made a mistake on my application for a Pakistan visa?

While applying for a Pakistan visa you might encounter a number of difficulties if you are not a technical person and this is not a big problem to worry about. You can always consult for any kind of complexity you face while using the Online Visa System of Pakistan. If you are filling out the application and you get stuck at some point, We have explain everything You can check here

Also you have the best option to get the solution to your problem. Use the chat feature in the lower right hand corner (we offer 24/7 service).

You can consult your particular problem by going through any of the mentioned solutions above. These sections will surely help you get through your mistakes you made on the visa application. To get rid of the mistakes you should read out the Help and Terms and Conditions section before filling out the application form. In case you do not understand any of the instructions.

Is the e-visa for Pakistan valid for multiple entries?

A multiple entry visa allows you to enter a specific country more than one time. This service is valid till the certain amount of time provided by the embassy. Pakistan also allows a double entry or multiple entry e-visa for its visitors<. You can conveniently apply for Pakistan visa online with multiple entries using the Online Visa System of Pakistan. Some categories of visas have been specified for the policy of multiple entry visas. For instance, US nationals on tourist visas are allowed to have a multiple entry visa for up to 5 years with the stay of 3 months maximum.