What is an Exit Permit?

An exit permit is an official document or certificate that grants a person authorization to leave a country. It is possible that a traveller’s visa expires, gets stolen or is lost. In such a situation, it will become impossible for the foreign traveller to leave the country. An exit permit is exclusively offered to facilitate travellers facing such an issue.

A Pakistan exit permit is acquired by foreigners who do not possess a valid Pakistani visa, either due to visa expiration, cancellation, or rejection and want to exit the country. The government of Pakistan grants it, and the visa approval is upon the government’s prerogative. If a foreign child is born in the country, they will also need an exit permit to leave the country along with the child’s birth certificate.

If you have overstayed your visa in Pakistan, in that case, you will have to wait for 3 to 20 business days to obtain an exit visa. It is important to note that overstaying your visa in Pakistan is an illegal act and may have some unfavourable consequences, including an overstay surcharge and prison sentence. Those foreign travellers who want to obtain an extension in their visa must submit their application at least one month before their visas expire because there’s no condonation of overstay charges.

Eligibility Criteria for Exit Permit

In order to apply for a Pakistan exit permit, travellers must meet the following conditions.

  • Foreign nationals of Pakistan origin if they have exceeded the maximum overstay limit of up to or more than one year. They are the nationals of any of the 191 countries that require a visa to enter and stay in Pakistan.
  • The applicant’s visa has been cancelled or rejected.
  • The applicant’s visa has expired.
  • All foreign nationals who have reached a maximum overstay limit of one year.

What are the Documents Required to Apply for Exit Permit?

If you want to obtain an exit permit, it is necessary to provide the following documents.

  • Valid passport
  • Passport-size photograph
  • Proof of confirmed air ticket
  • Proof of previous Pakistani visa
  • Proof of arrival into Pakistan
  • A rejection or cancellation letter issued by the Ministry of Interior (this requirement applies to those travellers whose visa was rejected or cancelled).

Pakistan Exit Permit Duration and Validity

Pakistan Exit Permit is generally valid for fifteen days if granted against your application. During this period, the traveller/applicant must mandatorily leave the country.

What is the Exit Permit Processing Time?

The exit permit is issued at the prerogative of the Pakistani government. But online applications are typically processed within 48 to 72 hours.

There is a possibility that the application is sent back to the applicant for review. The same processing time will be applicable again if this happens. It must be noted that the processing time will re-commence from the day/date the applicant resubmitted the application.


Please Note: The applicant must provide absolutely CORRECT information in their application - IF the applicant has provided FALSE or Wrong information then their application will be REJECTED (paid fee is non - refundable)

What is Pakistan Online Visa?

The simplest and fastest way to submit a Pakistan visa application is to do this electronically. The available online visa system

lets you submit visa application online.

Terms and Conditions

NOTE: Please Read the Following Terms and Conditions carefully. You may only proceed if these terms are acceptable to you.

Terms Of Use – Pakistan Online Visa

  • The grant of visa is no guarantee that the recipient would be allowed to enter in Pakistan. The final decision in regards to grant of permission to enter, rests with the immigration officer at the point of entry, who may refuse permission to enter, after obtaining orders from higher authorities even though the foreigner concerned is in possession of valid visa authorizing entry into Pakistan.
  • The applicant is strictly not allowed to visit the prohibited areas in Pakistan.
  • No visas are to be granted to foreigners of the following description and their applications should be rejected straightaway:
  • Persons whose antecedents justify the apprehension that their presence in Pakistan would be prejudicial to the interests of the countryPurpose/Type of visa issued by the mission cannot be changed for any reason in any case in Pakistan.
  • Applicants can obtain their visas electronically after entering required information and making payments by a credit or debit card.
  • Concerned authorities reserve the right to change and/or shutdown the Pakistan Online Visa Service without notices.
  • Concerned authorities may refuse to provide the Pakistan Online Visa service to any person without giving a reason, in particular to prevent fraud or anti-state activity or to comply with any applicable law, order of court or requirement of any regulatory or government authority.
  • Concerned authorities do not accept responsibility for any losses or delays in transmission of information online due the user’s Internet Service Provider and/or browser and/or third-party software.
  • Concerned authorities do not accept responsibility for any failure in Pakistan Online Visa communication infrastructure which cannot reasonably be considered to be under our control and may affect the accuracy and/or timelines of online transactions at Online System as carried out by its users.
  • Concerned authorities do not accept responsibility for the services provided to users by their credit card issuer and its effect on the use of their credit card on the Pakistan Online Visa website.
  • Concerned authorities will not be held accountable in case of credit card misuse on the Pakistan Online Visa website. Credit card owners are responsible for the security of their credit card data while using it at the Pakistan Online Visa website.
  • Concerned authorities do not accept responsibility for viruses/malware introduced by third parties during online usage of the Pakistan Online Visa Service.
  • Concerned authorities do not accept responsibility for any unauthorized use or interception of any online activity or information before it reaches the Concerned authorities facility.
  • Concerned authorities do not accept responsibility for any unauthorized use of or access to data relating to applicants or their transactions that are stored at Concerned authorities (unless such use or access is caused by Concerned authorities’ negligence, fraud or failure to comply with laws relating to the protection of applicant data).
  • Pakistan Online Visa service does its best to correctly describe all services that appear on the website. However, Pakistan Online Visa service does not warrant that all the statements, definitions, and descriptions are most current, complete, accurate, and error free. Immigration Department often changes its requirements and fees without prior warning and changes can take effect immediately.
  • Concerned authorities are not responsible if applicant’s credit card issuer does not authorize usage of their credit card for payment of the fees on the Pakistan Online Visa website.
  • Concerned authorities reserve the right to cancel any visa application without providing any reason or notification for doing so. In case of a cancellation, the Visa application fee shall not be refunded.
  • Concerned authorities shall log all applicant activity on the Pakistan Online Visa website for purpose of security and usage monitoring. Unauthorized usage may lead to criminal prosecution.
  • Users are responsible for the security of their Pakistan Online Visa account username and password.
  • The Pakistan Online Visa website is hosted in Islamabad, Pakistan. These terms are governed by the law in force in the federal territory and any dispute about these terms or the contents of this website are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the federal territory and the courts of appeal from them.

By Proceeding Further, You Agree To The Following:

Applicant is requested to thoroughly review the information and guidelines on the website related to the Pakistan Online Visa:

  • I understand that relevant Authorities may request additional documents (if necessary) before the application will be processed.
  • I am aware that the visa fee is not refundable, if the visa is refused. There is NO REFUND POLICY against any application initiated/submitted for its Pakistan Online Visa application.
  • I am aware that the incomplete and double applications will not be accepted.
  • I declare that to the best of my knowledge all particulars supplied by me are correct and complete. Concerned authorities will not be responsible for any trouble or problem that may arise if you send incorrect or fake application details.

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  • Document size should not be more than 7 MB, as this size is more than sufficient.
  • Please ensure the readability of the documents before uploading them. Also, make sure that they are positioned correctly in portrait orientation.

Supporting documents upload steps

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The photograph must be:

1:  Taken against a plain white background

2:  Professionally printed and measured 45 mm Height x 35mm Width.

3:  No more than 6-months old

Mandatory Supporting Documents

The following documents are mandatory for your Exit permit.

1: Letter By Sponsor/Hotel – Letter By Operator (recog. By Dept. Of Tourist Services)

2: Passport

3: Passport-size Photo

Application supporting document(s)

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  Confirmed Air Ticket



  Proof Of Entry Into Pakistan

  Proof Of Last Pakistani Visa

  Rejection Or Cancellation Letter By Ministry Of Interior


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We have NO REFUND POLICY against any application initiated/submitted online. Applicant is requested to thoroughly review the information and guidelines provided on the website.

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