List of Eligible Countries for Pakistan Tourist Visa

Pakistan is quite famous for its breathtaking beauty and welcomes a number of tourists every year. Pakistan provides one of the best tourism services within affordable packages. The tour guides organize quite thrilling and daring but enjoyable journeys that you would not forget ever. The Pakistan tourist visa is an official document that allows foreign citizens to visit Pakistan for tourism purposes.

International Travel

Airlines are permitted to operate international travelling flights from all the airports in Pakistan. As a precautionary measure, screening has been reinforced at airports to keep a safe and protected environment over the airports for all the incoming and outgoing passengers.

Pakistan Tourist Visa

You are able to apply for pakistan visa application online the following tourist visas:

  • First Time (new):

    You can issue a new visa if you do not have an existing valid visa for Pakistan.

  • Extension

    You can apply for your existing and valid Pakistan visas that you possess while reside in Pakistan.

Required Documents

  • Photograph
  • Valid passport
  • Hotel booking details (for stay)

Duration and Validity

  • Single entry for the first time requires 3 months
  • In extension, duration becomes up to and greater than 6 months
  • Citizens from some countries can also be provided double entry tourist visa
  • A tourist visa can be extended from 6months
  • US citizens could avail 5 years of tourist visa with multiple entry having 3 months stay.

Following are the countries eligible for tourist visa of Pakistan

If you have an ordinary passport issued by one of the following countries, you are eligible to apply for a Pakistan visa for tourism purposes. The 171 countries can now enjoy e visa in Pakistan Tourist Visa categories. Check your country in the list below...

Pakistan Tourist Visa On Arrival Countries

If you are going to apply for a tourist visa on arrival for pakistan , you must submit your intent to travel at least 48-72 hours before you planned your trip to Pakistan to receive an Electronic Travel Authorization. This is done to confirm your tour schedule in case of any uncertainty.

Required Documents

Duration and Validity

You may need a visa to come to Pakistan to visit, study, or work. Here are 50 countries that are eligible for Pakistan Tourist Visa On Arrival

Pakistan Tourist visa Countries

Entry requirements

As you reach the airport of Pakistan, you are required to submit your COVID-19 test reports (negative) taken no longer than 96 hours before your travel. If you are found having symptoms of COVID-19, an immediate test would be required within 48 hours of your arrival. In case your test reports turn out to be negative, you will be constrained to stay quarantined at once. This is done to keep you and others safe so you have to cooperate with the authorities

To issue your visa you can visit the embassy of your respective country or this process can be carried out online by using the Pakistan online visa system. Pakistan offers two types for tourist visas namely, tourist visa and tourist visa on arrival. Make sure to apply on the right website/application, you should consult it first in order to avert yourself from any kind of difficulty.