List of Eligible Countries for Pakistan Business Visa

Pakistan offers many categories of visas and one of them is a Pakistan business visa. People might need to travel from their country to another one for business purposes which is quite common nowadays. To promote investment in the country the Government of Pakistan is granting 5 year Multiple Entry Business visas and also a single 30 days visa to businessmen. Pakistan offers business online visas to foreign citizens, they can also apply for Pakistan visa application online without visiting the embassy. Pakistan business visa can simply be issued by applying on the Online Visa System of Pakistan. Just make sure to choose the right website or consult it with someone first.

International Travel

Airlines are permitted to operate international travelling flights from all the airports in Pakistan. As a precautionary measure, screening has been reinforced at airports to keep a safe and protected environment over the airports for all the incoming and outgoing passengers.

Pakistan Business Visa Countries or The countries eligible for business visas

You are eligible to apply for a Pakistan visa online for business purposes. If you have an ordinary passport issued, also in the list of eligible countries for Pakistan Business Visa and a letter of invitation from a registered company in Pakistan. The letter is mandatory to apply for a Pakistan business visa.

The countries eligible for business visas:

Entry requirements

As you reach the airport of Pakistan, you are required to submit your COVID-19 test reports (negative) taken no longer than 96 hours before your travel. If you are found having symptoms of COVID-19, an immediate test would be required within 48 hours of your arrival. In case your test reports turn out to be negative, you will be constrained to stay quarantined at once. This is done to keep you and others safe so you have to cooperate with the authorities

There are further two more categories of business visas namely business visa and business visa on arrival. You can issue your business visa by applying online through the Online Visa System of Pakistan or else you can have it issued on your arrival through electronic authorization.

Business Visa

The government of Pakistan grants 5 year multiple entry business visas. You can take a look on the details given below to issue your online business visa.

Types of online business visa

Required documents

You must have at least one document from the following:

If you follow all the guidelines for Pakistan e-visa. You can take advantage of all the facilities of e-Visa Pakistan and will help you in getting your visa on time. check more details about Pakistan business visa. Pakistan visa requirements

Business Visa on Arrival

The government of Pakistan grants a 30 day single entry business visa on arrival by electronic authorization. Rest of the process and document submission is the same as above. The only difference between the two types of business visas is of duration.

Note: Make sure to use the right application i.e. Online Visa System. There is no other application or website for applying for eVisa so be careful about the website at first.