Swedish Honorary Consulate in Lahore

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Head of Mission:
Mr Ali Syed Hyder, Honorary Consul


The Sweden embassy represents the interest of Sweden in Pakistan, and the Pakistan embassy represent the interest of Pakistan in Sweden. Throughout the world, Sweden has 413 embassies while Pakistan has 145 embassies.

Visiting the Embassy

The embassy is open for operation from 9am to 2pm and always book an appointment before visiting through email or phone call during the official opening hours because visiting is strictly on appointment basis. Take note that appointment of Sweden in Pakistan may be prioritized. The embassy observes public holidays declared by either Sweden or Pakistan government.

Services Provided

The embassy provides a number of services to Sweden, local citizens and international citizens in Pakistan. Process passport and visa applications, provide power of attorney, help Sweden in marriage matters concerning Pakistan or vice versa, manage diplomatic relationships, notary services, monitor economic and social activities and negotiate deals affecting Pakistan relation. Check Pakistan visa online for the appropriate visa required for your next visit to Sweden.

Visas and immigration Services online application or manual / paper Application

Generally, the embassy / consulate provides the following types of visas to the citizens:

Visa types granted by Sweden are;

  • Sweden Tourist Visa (T)
  • Sweden Business Visa (B)
  • Sweden Employment Visa (E)
  • Sweden Student Visa (S)
  • Sweden Transit Visa (Tr)
  • Sweden Research (R)
  • Sweden Journalist (J)
  • Sweden Medical (M)
  • Sweden Surrogacy
  • Sweden Conference (C)
  • Sweden Entry (X) visa
  • Sweden For Study of Yoga/Vedic culture/Indian system of dance/Music

Travel Insurance

Travelers may be faced with an unforeseen situation such as loss of baggage, delayed flights, medical expenses, illness, accident, or emergency evacuation. It is important to travel out of your resident country with peace of mind by protecting your health and trip with a travel insurance that has global coverage. Check one here travel insurance quote.

Coronavirus Update

The Swedish Honorary Consulate in Lahore could have adjusted its opening hours and extent of operations due to COVID-19. Always contact the embassy through their email or phone contact before visiting.

We all are well aware of the deadly disease COVID-19 that has made a great destruction in our peaceful lives. It’s been a year and we are unable to cure this disease but not anymore. This is because multiple medicinal companies are providing vaccines to treat patients suffering from COVID-19. In the beginning process, these vaccines will be treating a small number of patients but will do more later on for sure.

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Dear Mr Ali Syed Hyder, Hope you are doing well. we have an unfair decision by the embassy of Sweden in Islamabad and completely baseless as we have provided documents more then they are required and already travelled Schengen state more then 10 times and have visas issued from Schengen state multiple times. So If I had returned from all the countries why would I ever stay in Sweden exactly this time. My husband is British national and we have home in London my father served as Lt General Pak army and Ex Federal Secretary Ministry of Defence and ex Chairman Heavy industry Taxila . We think this decision is unfair and completely wrong and it will effect our future travels. Please look into this matter and advise as they have rejected the appeal also. Regards Sabeen Israr 03084777109


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