List of Eligible Countries for Pakistan Visa

If you want to travel to Pakistan, you have to apply for a Pakistan visa. However, the Government of Pakistan has given the facility to apply for the visa online. Citizens of many eligible countries can apply for a Pakistan visa online (Pakistan e-visa). Without ever visiting the embassy or consulate. Here are 179 countries that are eligible for Pakistan eVisa. The applicant must have a valid passport to apply for an eVisa.

Be advised as your country is in the list below, you can apply for an online visa. You can use these services and easily get an online Visa.

What is a Pakistan visa?

A Pakistan visa is basically an official document which is necessary for a foreign citizen to enter the premises of Pakistan. Visitors to Pakistan should get a pakistan electronic visa from one of the Pakistani diplomatic missions. Pakistan offers a variety of visas like business, tourism, and many more and even some countries can get their visas on arrival too. You can also issue your visa electronically using the visa application and electronic authorization for issuance of visa on arrival.

Issuance of the visa is electronically means that all of the processes regarding visa registration can be carried out online without visiting the embassy or any consulate department. For the purpose of applying for Pakistan eVisa, the applicant must have a valid passport.

179 countries from the following list are eligible for Pakistan eVisa. Citizens of these countries do not need to visit the embassy. They simply can apply for the visa online having their valid passports.

Eligible Countries for Pakistan e Visa

The countries eligible for Pakistan visas:

eligible countries for Pakistan e-visa/visa on arrival

International Travel

Airlines are permitted to operate international travelling flights from all the airports in Pakistan. As a precautionary measure, screening has been reinforced at airports to keep a safe and protected environment over the airports for all the incoming and outgoing passengers.

Entry requirements

As you reach the airport of Pakistan, you are required to submit your COVID-19 test reports (negative) taken no longer than 96 hours before your travel. If you are found having symptoms of COVID-19, an immediate test would be required within 48 hours of your arrival. In case your test reports turn out to be negative, you will be constrained to stay quarantined at once. This is done to keep you and others safe so you have to cooperate with the authorities

Issuance of eVisa

Following are the phases you need to go through for issuance of an eVisa:

How to apply

To apply for eVisa you need to have a look on the process in detail which is described below:

Step1: Preliminary Assessment

Choose your desired visa from the following categories:

Step2: Preparation

Make sure that you are applying for the right visa category and you do have all the pakistan visa requirements according to the visa type. You should have the following requirements at hand before applying:

Step3: Online Application

Following are the steps to follow for submission of your application:

Note: make sure to use the right application i.e. Pakistan online visa system. There is no other application or website for applying for eVisa so be careful about the website at first.